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Nothing speaks of Summer like BBQ and smoked meats. Unfortunately a lot of folks are unable to BBQ or don’t have a smoker and therefore are unable to enjoy this “Summer” tradition.

Now All Crocked Up (ACU) has your solution for you to enjoy this Summer Tradition right inside your own home. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing a full collection of “indoor” smoked bbq recipes that are cooked right in your crock pot / slow cooker / insta pot. Don’t worry we DON’T use artificial smoking flavors (liquid smoke), we only use real smoking wood chips / pellets. All our recipes will infuse “real” smoke flavors from cherry/apple/hickory/pecan/alder wood right into your meats, poultry or fish. All done indoors and right in your crock pot / slow cooker / insta pot. Do worry we won’t set off the smoke detectors, as you will be keeping the lid on the crock pot / slow cooker / insta pot closed tight during the cooking process, trapping in the smoke and moisture. Let’s take a look at how this works and what we do to get the benefits of INDOOR BBQ AND SMOKIN’.

How Does This Work?

A crock pot / slow cooker / insta pot works in that the base or bottom of the crock / pot is heated by the element. This heat then spreads up the side walls of the crock / pot and starts to cook the food inside not only from the bottom but from all sides. As the food begins cooking it releases moisture creating steam and this steam will also cook the contents.

In our case we will add pre soaked moist wood chips (apple/cherry/alder/hickory/mesquite/oak) to the bottom of the pot wrapped in parchment paper and so when heated the wood chips will release both moisture and smoke. This hot steam and smoke then fills the crock pot / slow cooker / insta pot and begins to infuse the contents of the pot and further cooks it. The steam and smoke also creates a vacuum seal between the lid and the vessel, trapping all the steam and smoke inside the pot. This steam and smoke then condenses on the inside of the lid turning to liquid. This liquid filled with smoke flavors now slowly drips back into the crock pot / pot, constantly basting the contents inside.

It’s no wonder why foods cooked in this manner come out so moist and juicy filled with smoke flavors. An absolutely Summer favorite.

No let's go take a look at our Smokin' Summer Collection.

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