It's Myles's 13th Birthday! Serve his favorite...Meat Lovers Pizza

It's Myles's 13th birthday and he loves "pizza." So we created a crockpot meal that is not only an organic, healthy, gluten free, keto/paleo but is simply delicious. Best of all he doesn't even realize it. This meat lovers pizza contains organic italian sausage, organic grass fed ground beef and organic pepperoni. For the pizza base we use quinoa* elbow noodles and an organic homemade pizza sauce - see the recipe below or order it online here.

Top with organic parmesan, organic crushed red pepper and organic fresh basil. Serve with a green salad. (not included with your meal.)

Ingredients - 4 servings

Main Dish

Organic italian ground sausage 1 lbs Organic ground grass fed beef 1 lbs Organic Sliced Pepperoni 1/2 cup Organic Quinoa Elbow noodles 2 cups Organic skim-milk mozzarella 2 cups Organic diced yellow onion 1/2 cup Freshly minced Gilroy garlic 4 cloves Organic homemade pizza sauce 5 cups Organic Olive Oil 2 TBSP Finely ground sea salt 1 tsp Organic Italian Seasoning 2 tsp

Homemade Pizza Sauce

2 x 28-oz. cans diced organic tomatoes with juice 2/3 cup tomato paste 1.5 cup yellow onion (Minced) 8 Organic Gilroy garlic gloves (Minced) 8 TBSP organic olive oil 3 tsp organic dried oregano 24 organic large fresh basil leaves (Chopped) 4 teaspoons organic sea salt

Pulse in blender till desired consistency