It's Greek To Me!

Manchester Greek Lemon Chicken, Red Potatoes and Carrots

I am Greek, well my family name is greek, I was born and raised in South Africa, but did grow up with a greek grandmother and greek father who loved food and loved to share their recipes and greek influences with me. I remember having every family celebration centered around "Greek Food" and smelling the incredible memories of greek food simmering away in the kitchen while the family argued politics and current happenings. Just the smell of lemon, garlic, oregano and rosemary bring back those amazing memories.

So, a friend of mine and I are spending Easter of 2020 isolated (Covid-19) and hanging out at home and he asked me to design and cook him something very Greek. Something very traditional. I sprang into action and put this amazing meal together from my memories of those amazing "family" celebrations.

The Manchester Greek Lemon Chicken, Red Potatoes and Carrots is a true attribute to that memory. The recipe (listed below or order it fully prepped though our online store) is an organic, healthy, gluten free, keto/paleo compliant interpretation of my memory of that. I manage to eat this slow cooked meal last night and honestly it was better than the memories :)

Ingredients: - Serves 4-5

Manchester Greek Lemon Chicken and Red Potatoes

Organic free range chicken breasts 1 lbs

Organic Lemon Juice . 1 (3TB)

Organic Lemon Slices . 4