Day 26: Papua New Guinea Mumu

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Mumu is a traditional dish from Papua New Guinea, normally prepared in a pit or a hole in the ground that is filled with hot stones but we going to do it in our slow cooker/crock pot.. The pit is normally lined with banana leaves (we going to use a tinfoil pan lined with baby spinach), and the tinfoil pan is then filled with layers of sweet potato, pork and chicken, carrots, peas, beans, pineapple, and finally coconut milk to make a delicious meal that is served with jasmine rice.

The cuisine of Papua New Guinea are the traditional varied foods found in the eastern part of the New Guinea island. Approximately 80% of the population is reliant on subsistence agriculture, so a large percentage of food energy and protein consumed in Papua New Guinea is produced locally, while the balance is imported. The staple foods in Papua New Guinea includes root crops, bananas, and sago. Papua New Guinea's diet is largely vegetarian, especially in the Gulf and Highlands regions.

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Mumu is a traditional method of cooking large quantities of food throughout Papua New Guinea, as well as other islands in the Pacific. It consists of an earth oven that is filled with hot coal or stones, that may be placed in different orientations, and subsequently cooked for a lengthy period of time. Despite the presence of advent ovens in Papua New Guinea, mumu is still prevalent at household level.

Sago is a common and essential part of Papua New Guinean cuisine, as the starch ingredient is included in several traditional dishes, such as pancakes and pudding. Sago is in the form of flour usually extracted from the palm tree. Staples of the Papua New Guinean diet include karuka, sweet potato (kaukau), cassava, breadfruit (ulu), and coconuts. Coconut cream is a delicacy often found in numerous local dishes of Papua New Guinea. Coastal regions traditionally use coconut milk and cream as a cooking medium, while the Highlands regions do not. Coconut oil is used on special occasions in the coastal regions.

Meat proteins are occasionally consumed in Papua New Guinea. However, for people residing in coastal areas, seafood forms a substantial part of their diet. Pork is regarded as a celebratory meat in Papua New Guinea, and is prepared on special occasions, including Christmas feasts. Hence Mumu is the National Dish.

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Ingredients - Serves 4

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Organic pork shoulder 0.5 lbs

Organic chicken 0.5 lbs

Organic Coconut Milk 8 oz (1 cup)

Organic Hawaii Pineapple Chunks with Juice 1 can (20 oz)

Organic diced onions 1 cup

Freshly minced Gilroy garlic 2 cloves

Finely ground sea salt 1 tp

Stone ground pepper 1 tp

Organic Sweet Potato 1 lbs

Organic Baby Spinach 6 oz

Organic green beans 6 oz

Organic peas & carrots frozen 6 oz

Organic low sodium beef broth 1 cup

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