Day 2: We visit Gambia to taste Domoda (Peanut Stew)

Updated: Jan 13

Domoda is the national dish of Gambia.  It is a delicious “groundnut stew” (peanuts) consisting of whatever vegetable happens to be available, typically pumpkin or sweet potatoes, and a saucy base. Whether vegetarian or including meat, the base is pretty consistent: A rich and flavorful sauce featuring ground peanut paste (or natural, unsweetened peanut butter), fresh tomatoes, and tomato paste. Caramelized onions, chicken and tomato stock, and hot chili peppers are also added.  Maggi bouillon cubes are readily available in many parts of Africa and are commonly used in African cooking, including this dish.

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Situated in West Africa, Gambia was a British commonwealth until 1965 when it gained independence. The land is relatively more fertile than other parts of Africa and Gambia’s economy is dominated by farming, fishing and tourism.  Thus, they’re able to grow things like the pumpkins and sweet potatoes that are common to Gambian cuisine.

Though Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa, it’s culture and history are diverse. Some of this history was popularized in the Alex Haley book and TV series “Roots,” parts of which were set in the Gambia.