How to Place and Order

Step 1

From the product page or the overview page make sure to first select your delivery method (required) and if you want any additional sides - "None" is an option (required). Then enter any special cooking instructions such as Hold the Peppers or lighted spicy. Finally, enter the number of portions/servings you desire as all the product pages display a 1 or single portion/serving and the prices are based on a single portion/serving. So go ahead and enter the number of portions/servings you want to add to your cart. 


If you forget to select Delivery Method and/or Organic Sides you will get an error message such as shown below. Don't worry just go ahead and select the correct ones. 


Step 2

Before you click "Add Number of Servings) to your cart please social share your order and make sure to tag "All Crocked Up". We definitely appreciate you spreading the word and will send you a Promo Code to use on your next order. 


Step 3

After you click "Add Number of Servings" to your cart you will be redirected to your shopping cart. There you will make sure to select your delivery method. The prices will adjust automatically depending if you are shipping 1 or 2 day and will be FREE if we are delivering. Next enter any promo code you may have received or discount coupons. Lastly, make sure to enter any special instructions for delivery or shipping such as the specific day and time you want delivery. Then press Check Out or Paypal Check Out.


Step 4

After you click "Check Out" you will go to the check out page. Here you will need to first enter your Details such as First Name, Last Name and so on. This should self populate if you are logged in using your unique email address. The most importantly please enter your delivery address. This ensure we know when to do free local delivery or to ship it to. Then click "Continue".

payment info.png

Step 5

Now go ahead and select your payment method. We accept all forms of Credit Card, Paypal and if you want to pay another way simply click manual method. We can process your card over the phone, or you can Venmo or Cash App us the money.

Step 6

Finally once your payment information is entered you can review your total order and then "Place The Order". You will receive an email confirming your order.  Keep in mind that all orders placed before 4:00 pm PST will be processed the same day and shipped/delivered the following day. All orders placed after 4:00pm PST will only be prepared the following day and then shipped/Delivered the day after that.