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Russel WEDDING 07/18/2020

All Prepped Up had great success catering the Russel Wedding, July 18th 2020. After the ceremony the over 70 guests started their evening enjoying appetizers of caprese salad with a balsamic reduction and fresh Greek Beef Kebobs grilled to order over a mesquite wood BBQ fire with a traditional tzatziki sauce for dipping. These were definitely a hit as we served over 110 orders. 


After the bride and groom returned from pictures and made their grand entrance, we served the main course. This consisted of BBQ lemon herb chicken breast with lemon garlic sauce, peri peri pulled pork sandwiches on mesquite wood toasted ciabatta buns served with a fresh crunchy tangy coleslaw. Sides were sour cream and chive mashed potatoes, smoked mac and cheese and onsite wok fried herbs de provence fresh seasonal vegetables.


The Russel Wedding party thoroughly enjoyed every dish and appreciated the full-service catering experience the APU team provided including the serving of the deserts! With every precaution taken to adhere to Covid-19 recommendations, our team served the event with masks, gloves and proper Covid-19 regulations in place.


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