As much of the country goes into panic buying due to the COVID-19 crisis we have secured and ensure you that our production facility is stocked and ready to serve you.


We are also taking every precaution to ensure the safety of both our customers and our staff.


At this time, we have taken the following action:


  • We sort an outside company to come in and evaluate and ensure that all our cleaning products and procedures meet and exceed Covid-19 standards. 

  • We wipe down all commonly touched surfaces every fifteen minutes.

  • All our employees wear Covid-19 approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE's) (Gowns, N95 masks, latex gloves, etc) while preparing your artesian meals. 


  • We are not allowing anyone other than essential employees into our production facility.


  • We only accept credit card payments.


  • All office staff members perform their jobs remotely are now working from home.

  • We run two independent shifts and disinfect the production facility between shifts to ensure that if we have a breakout the second shift will not be affected and production will continue. 


  • We are providing employees whose hours have been affected by the crisis with work they can perform from home to ensure full time work.


  • We have reached out to the San Diego County Council to offer our assistance by providing meals to those most at risk, including elderly individuals who are unable to leave their homes.


  • As always, our customers have the ability to order our meals online and have them shipped directly to their homes.


We will never hike prices due to this crisis. Communities must come together, not profit off of the crisis.


Small businesses such as ours will be among the most impacted by this crisis but we will prevail. 


Thank you very much for your support.