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How To Cook

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Place the prepped and pre-portioned ingredients into your Instant Pot. No need to thaw first


Set to pressure mode and cook for 5-20 minutes depending on recipe.


Release pressure, serve and enjoy!

Other Considerations

Saving Time & Energy

Electric pressure cookers are energy efficient kitchen appliances, second only to microwaves. There are two major factors that contribute to Instant Pot’s energy efficiency:

The cooking chamber (the inner pot) is fully insulated, so the cooker does not need to exert as much energy to heat up.
Pressure cookers require significantly less liquid than traditional cooking methods, so it will boil faster.

Compared to other cooking methods, such as baking, boiling, or steaming, pressure cooking can reduce your cook time & energy usage by up to 70%.

Retain Vitamins & Nutrients

Boiling (as well as regular steaming) can cause water-soluble vitamins to leech out of food, diminishing their nutritional value. Pressure cookers cook food quickly, deeply and evenly, and may allow foods to retain up to 90% of those water-soluble vitamins.

Preserve Food’s Appearance and Taste

Cooking in open containers (yes, even ones with a lid) exposes food to oxygen and heat, which can lead to dulled colors and diminished flavor. Pressure cooking saturates food with steam, allowing the retention of bright colors and phytochemicals. Similarly, the airtight design enables flavors to develop faster, and more profoundly.

Eliminate Harmful Microorganisms

By creating an environment that permits water to boil at higher than 100°C (212°F), pressure cookers are exceptional in their multi-faceted ability to effectively destroy harmful bacteria.

Use it as a sterilization tool for jars or baby bottles, or for treating water.

Pressure cookers can also be used to neutralize various naturally occurring toxins, such as phytohaemagglutinin, a lectin found in red kidney beans. Phytohaemagglutinin poisoning can occur from ingesting as little as 5 undercooked kidney beans, but pressure cooking for 10 minutes has been proven to reduce haemagglutinating units (the toxic agent) to safe levels.

Another example are aflatoxins, a mold-based mycotoxin that can occur when rice, wheat, corn, and beans are improperly stored and exposed to humidity. Boiling alone does not fully destroy aflatoxins, but a 2006 study by Korean researchers found that pressure cooking temperatures were sufficient to reduce aflatoxin concentrations to safe levels.

Other Benefits

Instant Pot features preset Smart Programs for common pressure cooking tasks:

  • Rice

  • Multigrain

  • Congee/Porridge

  • Sauté/Browning

  • Soup

  • Meat & Stew

  • Beans & Chili

  • Steaming

  • Slow Cook

  • Keep warm

  • Yogurt, with Pasteurize, Ferment, and Jiu Niang-making settings

Intelligent Programming

These one-touch programs have been dutifully tested and carefully refined through thousands of experiments. Each preset has been designed to produce consistent cooking results. Even more, most programs can be further refined. If you prefer a longer or shorter cook time, the Instant Pot will remember your preference and save the adjustment for next time.

Automatic Cooking

Instant Pots provide a fully automated cooking process, timing each step of the cooking task. The cookers will switch from pre-heating, to the cook cycle, and then into Keep Warm once cooking completes. Because the process is automated, there is no need to watch the cooking time or monitor the temperature levels. You are no longer tied to the kitchen to make an amazing meal!

Planning Meals with Delayed Cooking

The Instant Pot can also delay cooking by up to 24 hours, allowing you to plan meals ahead of time. Long-term delay is useful for foods that do not require refrigeration, like potatoes, beans, and rice.

Short-term delay start cooking (less than 2 hours) is helpful when preparing meals. For instance, preprogramming your main course frees up a ton of time to create appetizers, sides, and dessert. Most importantly, you don’t actually have to be in the kitchen to produce a healthy, tasty meal!

Because Instant Pot can reduce cooking times by up to 70%, it also works wonders to get dinner on the table in a hurry.

Flavor-Packed Food

Pressure cookers cook evenly and deeply, and thanks to the advanced technology of the embedded microprocessor, cooking cycles are precisely controlled to prepare delicious meals time after time.

Meals are sealed into an airtight environment for cooking, so vitamins, nutrients, flavors and aromas remain trapped inside the ingredients. This allows flavors to develop quickly and with greater depth than when using other cooking methods.

Tender & Tasty

Instant Pot really flexes its muscle when cooking tougher cuts of meat. Pressure cooking allows tough proteins and intramuscular fats to break down quickly, resulting in tender, fall-off-the-bone meat. Moreover, pressure cooked beans and legumes are firm yet supple, and do not need to be soaked before cooking.

Consistent Results

The Instant Pot’s intelligent programming ensures cooking is consistent regardless of the volume of food. Whether you want to cook one egg or one dozen eggs, the cooking duration will not change.

Instant Pot electric pressure cookers are eco-friendly!

Compared to cooking with other appliances, such as roasting in an oven or boiling/steaming on a stovetop, Instant Pot boasts energy savings of up to 70%.

  • Pressure cookers reach temperatures above boiling, and the higher the temperature, the faster the food will cook. Less cooking time means less energy consumed, and the Instant Pot can reduce the cooking time by up to 70%.

  • Pressure cooking requires less water than is used for other cooking methods— for instance, about 75% less water is used when steaming in an Instant Pot. This reduces the energy consumption in making a meal, as significantly less water needs to be heated to boiling.

  • The cooker base is fully insulated, with two layers of air pockets between the inner pot and the brushed stainless steel exterior, so although the internal temperature will be higher than boiling, the cooker base will be safe to touch, even during long cooking processes.

  • The Instant Pot’s unparalleled insulation pairs perfectly with its intelligent monitoring system to prevent wasteful energy consumption. The cooker only heats the inner pot to maintain a certain pressure level, so it does not need to constantly exert energy in maintaining heat. During the cook cycle, the element only needs to engage about 60% of the time.

  • All of this adds up in the summertime! The Instant Pot won’t heat your home with the same ferocity that an oven might, which means less energy spent on air conditioning


Additional Benefits


When people think about stovetop pressure cookers, images are conjured of clunky, rattling, steam-spewing monsters. In stark contrast, the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker is sleek, airtight, and virtually inaudible during cooking. By locking in aromas and flavors, food tastes amazing, and, it won’t heat up your house like an oven might— a bonus during summer months!

Even more, with preprogrammed cooking options and over 10 safety mechanisms, you can literally set it and walk away. The Instant Pot’s intelligent programming ensures food is cooked quickly, deeply, and evenly, so you can spend time doing the things you enjoy.

Another significant benefit to note is that Instant Pot helps to keep your kitchen clean. Cooking with Instant Pot not only reduces your cleanup to one pot, it reduces the number of appliances in your kitchen. This may save money and will definitely save time.

Minimize clutter and keep your kitchen organized with Instant Pot!